Find a Garden Sitter in your city! More being added every week!

(US Region, then alphabetical by City)

Northwest US:                                              
Boise, ID:  None yet.  Email us your listing here! 
Lahina, Maui, HI:  HouseSitter.com          
Maui, HI:  RentalsMaui.com                     
​Portland, OR:  None yet.  Email us your listing here!   
Salem, OR:  None yet.  Email us your listing here!        
Seattle, WA:  Garden Mentors
Tacoma, WA:  None yet.  Email us your listing here!
Twin Falls, ID: None yet. Email us your listing here!    
Vancouver, BC: TrustedHouseSitters.com 

Southwest US:                                             
Albuquerque, NM: None yet.Email us your listing here!
Lake Havasu, AZ: SusiesHouseSitting
Phoenix, AZ: Trustedhousesitters.com
San Diego, CA:  None yet.  Email us your listing here!
San Francisco, CA: HouseSitter.com
San Francisco and San Jose, CA: David Heldt

Mid-West US:
Austin, TX: Luxury House Sitting.com
Chicago, IL: Trustedhousesitters.com
Houston, TX:  Indeed.com
Oakland, MI: Garden Sitters

Southeast US:
Atlanta, GA:  Indeed.com
Miami, FL:  HouseSitter.com
Panama City, FL:  HouseSitter.com
Fort Lauderdale, FL: HomeCarePro

New York City, NY:  

Pittsburgh, PA: The Garden Sitter

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​Trusted House Sitters.com

Find a Landscape Company in your city! More being added every week!

(US Region, then alphabetical by City)

Northwest US:                                              
Boise, ID: TLC Landscape -

Duval, WA: JPLandscape Services - Maintenance/ Cleaning

Gig Harbor, WA: Garlandscape - Maintenance/ Pruning

Lahina, Maui, HI: He-Man Services - Maintenance/ Pruning
​Portland,OR:Lewis Landscape Services,Inc -
Salem, OR:  

Seattle, WA:  

Tacoma,WA:SoundViewLandscape&Sprinkler Maintenance

Twin Falls, ID:

Vancouver, BC:  

Southwest US:                                             
Albuquerque, NM:

Austin, TX:  

Houston, TX:

Lake Havasu, AZ:

Phoenix, AZ:

San Diego, CA:

San Francisco, CA:

San Jose,CA: ​Pacific Crest Landscape - Maintenance

Mid-West US:

Chicago, IL:  

Detroit, MI:  Jonboy Landscaping 

Indianapolis, IN: 

Kansas City, MO: 

Port Huron, MI: Lawnmen - Maintenance/ Cleanup

Southeast US:
Atlanta, GA:  Gibbs Landscaping Co. -
Marietta, GA: 

Miami, FL:  

Panama City, FL:  Green Leaf Lawn Care - Maintenance
Fort Lauderdale, FL: HomeCarePro -
Winston-Salem, NC: 


​Waldwick, NJ: Chris James Landscaping - Maintenance

Mclean, VA:

New York City, NY:  New Eco Landscapes - Maintenance
Pittsburgh, PA: 

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