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​Scroll through our local listings of landscapers and garden-sitters.  If you don't see one in your area or are a company offering this service and would like to be listed, please email or call us @ 253.335.1903 !  We want to make sure there is a listing in your area and it's FREE!

Are you a homeowner looking for a new landscape professional to help maintain your property?  Or are you THAT landscape professional or garden-sitter looking for new business and would like to be listed?  

We offer landscape company and garden-sitter listings in your local areas that is clear and simple to use.  And it's FREE! 

​We are a small business that started our journey in the landscape maintenance and consulting business in late 2004.  Over the years our business and interests have morphed into providing more information than actual physical maintenance.  Holding on to our horticultural and landscape roots, we have a passion for connecting local landscape and garden-sitter businesses with their next clients and building a good relationship.  Through our website we want to make this available to anyone looking for a new landscaper to maintain their yard and that matches their level of need.  Same goes for those travelling or away from their home that need someone to water and give basic care to their plants, but NOT having access to their whole home.  Why hire a complete stranger to care for your yard and give them access to your whole home, as those other sites do?  We sure wouldn't and neither should you!  You should have the option!  

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  • Get Your Company Listed!  It's Free, so what do you have to lose?
  • Find a New Landscaper for Your Home or Property!
  • Build a New Relationship! 

At YardMatch.com we want to match local landscapers and garden-sitters with homeowners to meet their needs.  It's FREE to either party and we are driven to help make that connection!  Helping others is part of our ethos and drives us to keep growing.  Help us to help you by submitting your landscape or garden-sitter company information so we can get you listed and connected to you next successful customer relationship!  

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